For some relaxing means going out with friends. For some it is reading a good book on the couch. For others it is to do sports. You can seek relaxation mentally or physically, in an active or in a passive way. It is all about doing those things that clear your mind and relax your body, so you can recover from (mental) effort and stress. Do you take enough time to relax? Take the test.

Do you take your time to get up in the morning?


Do you often dread the (school) day?


Are you regularly exhausted at the end of the day?


Can you relax easily at home?


Do you have enough time for your hobbies?


Do you regularly find it difficult to fall asleep, for example because you are worrying?


Do you have energy left after school or other strenuous activities to do other things?


Can you enjoy doing nothing for a while?


Do you regularly have physical complaints such as headaches, muscle pain or dizziness?


Do you regularly wake up tired?


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